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#25. Frozen - Review

Frozen Poster

I have never been on a ski lift. If it is anything like an elevator I know I will not like it. The swaying, the obvious safety hazards, the cold, there are numerous reasons for why I would devolve into a crying baby 75-feet off the ground clinging to a ski lift. Frozen takes a very simple idea, and forms a decent, and at times fantastic, horror extravaganza. This wants to be a horror movie so bad it is nearly palpable. I hate spoiling movies, especially horror films, so I don’t want to go into detail of why this movie kicks so much ice-cold-ass, but trust me it does. Here is my spoiler free synopsis: Three people, trapped on a ski lift.

That is all I can do. I am not going to tell you how they arrived on said lift, or how long they are up there (long enough to be scared), or what kind of plan they have to get down.Frozen cast

This film can only succeed if the audience is willing to have fun and transport themselves onto that frozen metal bench. I found myself screaming at my television, desperately trying to coax the characters to take my advice. It is very easy to relate to at least one of three main characters. They are simply written and fit a specific role, making it easier for the viewer to psychologically inhabit the events on screen.

The 1st and final acts suffer from poor dialogue and some pacing issues, but this film’s beefy 2nd act more than make it worth the admission price.Seek this film out, if you’re a horror/thriller (whatever “thriller” means) buff you will probably love the hell out of Frozen.

Also, I must say thank you to Jerrett Richards for sending me a copy of this film all they way from New Mexico!

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