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#26. Stalag 17 - Review

Stalag 17 minimalist poster All I want to say about Stalag 17 is that this is a great introductory film to "classic cinema." What I mean is, most people are intimidated by old films, especially black & white films that are directed by someone like Billy Wilder. Someone who does not study film may not be aware of the entertainment value in a Wilder film. If you are someone who wants to develop a more refined film knowledge, not only is Wilder mandatory with so many amazing films (Sunset Blvd, Some Like it Hot, Double Indemnity, I can go on) Stalag 17 is a great place to start. With a relatively simple story of American POW's trying to sniff out a rat in their barracks, this war film is not as silly as something like Hogan's Heroesbut is no less accessible. It is a fun WW II movie made by a German emigrant... think about that!

Stalag 17 screen



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