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#50. Best Worst Movie - Review

Best Worst Movie poster artBest Worst Movie is a documentary that chronicles the unexpected cult status of the awesomely bad Troll 2. Considered by many, including at one time IMDB.com, to be the worst film ever made, Troll 2 has slowly crept into the pop-culture zeitgeist. I have seen and enjoyed the film, both as a kid when it would come on HBO and later on dvd. It is pretty awful, but it has the same watchable charm that films like Basket Case and The Room share. This doc is pretty great, mostly in part to George Hardy and his amazingly sincere smile and personality. To describe him would be to spoil a great surprise, so just take my word for it and watch this film.

Also, there are certain characters from the original film that have basically been M.I.A. for the last 20-years that the director is able to dig up and put in front of the camera. Let me just say those scenes transcend entertainment and really come close to being fascinating character studies. Check it out if you have scene Troll 2 or not, either way you should enjoy it.

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