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#46. Jackass 3D - Review

Jackass 3D

Let me preface this by saying I liked this film. It was funny, and gross, and everything else a Jackass film is supposed to be. But, as a diehard fan I must say, its time to pack up the double-sided dildos and hard-cups because the show is officially over. The magic is gone, and by magic I mean desperation. These guys not only shouldn’t be inflicting these inane stunts upon their aging bodies, but they don’t need to. It is just kind of depressing watching them take their hits, try to laugh, and then look down until the skit fades to black.

Think back to the masterful Jackass Number Two. Those pranks and stunts were great and imaginative, but the humor almost always came from when the camera was just left on and we got to relish in the aftermath of the cast’s stupidity. In 3D, the camera is forced to cut away quickly because the only thing left to watch is the sad look in the eyes of the tired cast and crew. Their eyes show both appreciation for being alive, and a conspicuous gleam of leeriness. When your pushing 40, and your legacy is based on the ability of withstanding blunt-force-trauma to your sack, leeriness is understandable.

Jackass 3D Cast

Anyone who knows me is already familiar with my opinion on 3D, and that opinion is that I hate it. Without going into it, I will say that Jackass 3D is probably one of the best films I have seen that has used 3D-technology to its benefit. Specifically the opening credits and the ending montage utilize the sophisticated camera and take full advantage of its capabilities.

I never thought I would say this, but I kind of hope that this third entry into the series will finally be a wrap on ol’ Knoxville and company. I don’t know what they will do now. I like Johnny Knoxville and his so called attempts at acting, but I am not sure what the other guys could do. Not that this matters because the film made a metric butt-ton of money, which will insure a fourth film. Jackass 4D? I don’t know, but if that means they are going to spray me in the face with piss while I wear my 3D glasses count me out. . . Oh whom am I kidding? I will be there opening day!

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