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#65. Armageddon - Review

Armageddon film poster

It seems logical enough. You have only 14 days to save the world from total annihilation when a runaway asteroid the size of Texas is making a beeline for Earth, so what do you do? You decide to send both super sophisticated spaceships that you just happen to have already to go, and both of the super sophisticated Armadillo drilling rigs you just happened to have lying around. Sounds like a solid plan. Thank God Harry Stamper and his crew of silly sex offenders are more than willing to trade in their grease stained coveralls for a shiny astronaut getup. This movie is ridiculous I challenge anyone not to totally love it. The actions scenes just barely hold up, the dialogue is borderline seizure inducing (do I need to quote the famous “animal cracker” scene?), and the premise is so stupid as to not be believed. But in the end it doesn’t matter. The cheesy Aerosmith ballad aside, Armaggedon  is a flick I have no problem revisiting… unlike the other asteroid film to come out that summer. I don’t care if Morgan Freeman was the president or Frodo knows how to ride a motorcycle, Deep Impact sucked.

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Listen, poor man's "Apollo 13" and "I don't wannnaa miss a thinggggg", what's not to like?

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