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#73. & #74. Toy Story 3 - Review

Andy in Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is the culmination of everything Pixar has been working towards for the last 20-years. It graciously offers a film that entertains viewers of all ages, without ever resulting to pop-culture references or talking down to the audience. It handles its content maturely and thoughtfully, giving the viewer (be it a child or an adult) the benefit of the doubt that they can understand and appreciate what he or she is watching.

There has not been a shortage of love for Toy Story 3 since its release last Summer, so instead of telling you how much I love it (which I really do), I am just going to mention the really big problem I had with this film: Andy. I have not seen a more unrealistic 18-year-old since Jason Priestly played Brandon Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210. I understand that it is really sweet, and necessary, for Andy to still have an emotional attachment to his toys at his age, but I found his level of devotion distracting. At a time in his life when he should be concerned with going out with his buddies and boondockin’ chicks, lil’ Andy is longingly staring into the eyes of his cowboy doll. Now listen, I understand sentimentality, I still my Nintendo. However, as soon as I discovered my penis, my Nintendo’s controller instantly became my 2nd favorite thing to play with, you understand what I’m saying? 

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Glad you reviewed this movie. Due to the fact that I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old, I have watched this movie 85 times since Christmas. As I was watching I was trying put myself in Andy's shoes, and I honestly can't think of one toy that I still had at 18. Yes there were video games but not a toy that I had extravagant adventures with. I agree once I discovered the thing that gave me two kids, I lost all interest in toys. I will say this movie makes me feel bad about throwing the kids old toys away.

December 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJim

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