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#75. Trick 'r Treat - Review

Trick 'r Treat film poster

 Watching Trick ‘r Treat while passing out candy has become a Halloween tradition in my house.  Michael Dougherty’s film borrows heavily from Romero’s Creepshow series, employing an anthology structure with revolving characters set inside a comic book. The horror movie consists of a handful of scary stories; the werewolf, the serial killer, the ghost, the masked killer, the vampire, they are all here. Each tale is fresh and unique, proving Dougherty has a quirky originality desperately missing from the horror genre. Like most anthologies, there are one or two shorts that don’t work as well as the others, but Dylan Baker’s sinister school principal and Brian Cox’s reclusive Mr. Kreeg easily steal the show. Fans of horror will fall effortlessly in love with Trick ‘r Treat, and I would bet non-fans will find plenty of creative ideas and characters to keep them entertained. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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