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#4. Up Syndrome - Review

Up Syndrome Up Syndrome is a documentary by amateur film maker Duane Graves which graciously gives us access to the life of his best friend Rene Moreno. Rene is quick-witted, hard working, a loving son and brother, a great friend, and definitely a ladies man. He also has down syndrome, one extra chromosome fishing around his body somewhere that makes look and talk a little funny, but never handicaps him from doing or saying exactly what he wants. This is not so much a documentary as it is a portrait, and I don't mean that negatively. It was a delight watching Rene go to his Homecoming dance, drive for the first time, and laugh at his own farts. In fact, Rene and I have a lot in common: We both think our own farts are HILARIOUS, we love horror movies, if we pick up a chainsaw we have to mimic Leatherface, and we are both hopeless romantics. I am glad I watched this film, and it is available right now on Netflix Watch Instantly, I hope if you have the means you will check it out. 

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I have this in my Netflix Instant Queue right now! I haven't watched it yet...but I find it super random that this is a movie you chose and that I also am planning to watch it. What's that cliche phrase I am looking for.....? Small world.

November 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNevin Starr

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