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The Social Network Trailer

This is an amazingly cut trailer. So often now we get trailers that show us too much. They are just condensed versions of the movie they are promoting. What is supposed to excite us and peak our interest instead hits us over the head with plot points and spoilers. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched a trailer for a film and then realized in disappointment that I know everything that is going to happen in the movie. A perfect example of what I am talking about was a trailer for a film they showed before The American called Morning Glory:

You see what I am saying? Not only did they show us way too much about the story, but I now know the entire character arc for the two main characters (Ford and McAdams) and I can give a pretty good guess on how this film ends. Are we as viewers that untrustworthy?

Since its release last summer, I have touted A Serious Man’s trailer as being a perfect example of how you cut a preview. The rhythm set underneath its entirety is catchy, and sets a flow for both the cuts and the dialogue. Its immediately interesting, gives you an idea of what to expect, without giving anything away. This is my favorite trailer, I think ever. I own the film, and have watched it 5-6 times, and I still go back and watch this trailer from time to time. And I know what your thinking, "Big surprise, David Fincher and the Coen brothers know how to make a good trailer." Well, I agree... but my point still stands.  

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