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PathPix: An iPhone Addiction 

Ok... Its been 12 days since I have played a video game of any kind. So far I am holding strong, I don't really have an urge to fire up a game on my 360 or anything (although I do want to play Dead Rising Case Zero). Surprisingly, the hardest part so far has been my urge to play iPhone games. Anyone with an iPhone and a lifestyle with constant downtime (I am a full-time student) knows the convenient distraction an iPhone provides. Have an hour between classes? Fire that little black beauty up and lets play some Drop7! Finish the test early and have nothing to do? Ok then I will kill a couple dozen angry birds before its time to split. 

So, in an effort to curve my addictive craving for app ingestion, I want to periodically talk about my favorite iPhone games. The best diversions I can no longer employ.

The game I have to mention first is also my biggest disappointment: PathPix. With a simple premise, and a mind-melting difficulty curve, this is the game I spent the most time with and never finished. My buddy Steve Gano hipped me to this puzzle-makes-art masterpiece, and I am forever grateful. Basically, the point is to connect like colors and numbers to create a picture.

Anyone can play, but few will have the stamina to complete the entire game. My biggest mistake was to play this game right before I go to sleep. What I told myself would be only one puzzle evolves into 3 hours of pixel power.

Do you remember when you would play hours of Tetris or Dr. Mario, and you try to go to sleep what would happen? Your mind would start projecting gameplay footage on the back of your eyelids! Your trying desperately to fall asleep, and all you can see are Tetris pieces slowly falling in the blackness of your half-sleep. PathPix offers the same level of addiction as Tetris and Dr. Mario do, and unfortunately offers the same side-effects. Like any good addict will tell you however, its worth it. This game is challenging, amusing, and provides that quick-hit pleasure the iPhone is perfect for... of course, if you can't stop after one puzzle then that really doesn't matter!

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Man I still haven't beaten PathPix, glad you like it so much. Though I guess you won't be playing for a little while...

September 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterScraps

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