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#17. Skew - Review

Skew 2011 PosterThe opening film for this year’s Big Bear Horror Film Festival was Skew, director Seve Schlenz’s entry into the bustling found footage genre. When three friends take a camcorder along on a cross-country road trip, one of them notices the camera blurs the face of anyone who is about to die. Simple enough, right? All in all this was a fine film to kick things off, but there were better films to be found at the festival. Anyone already getting fatigued from the massive influx of found footage films since Paranormal Activity hit in 2009 would best stay away, since Skew does little to enhance or experiment with the subgenre.That being said, the film was entertaining. The acting was decent and Schlenz efficiently worked around a meager budget.  Although the 3rd act fumbles the rising action built-up during the first hour or so, the suspense is functional and the suspense is sufficient.

I do not know if it is just because of the voyeuristic nature of found footage films, but I always find an inherent sexuality bubbling beneath the surface of the movies in this particular genre. What do you guys think, is it just me? Let me know.




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