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Trailer of the Year: DEAD ISLAND


I am a huge fan of movie trailers. A great trailer, like the Coen's for A Serious Man, is capable of not only getting you excited for the film it is promoting, but somehow gets you emotionally invested in the characters and their plight. Video game trailers are a different beast altogether. They not only need to set up the game's plot and style, but also intercut with in-game footage giving the player an idea of what he or she will be doing. Very rarely do video game trailers illicit the same guttural reaction that a strong movie trailer can. In fact, the only one I can think of was the teaser for the original Gears of War. It was pretty brilliant, showing footage of the game's protagonist Marcus Fenix kicking tons of ass while Gary Jules' cover of Tears for Fears' "Mad World" softly hums in the background. The makers of the upcoming zombie-horror game Dead Island have taken a similar approach to their trailer, achieving an even more powerful result. It is beautiful and terrifying, showing in reverse chronology the horrible results of a zombie outbreak. If you play video games or not, you should watch this trailer! After you watch it let me know what you guys thought! It left me floored and excited to see where the gaming industry is going to go next.


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