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#86. Dreamcatcher - Review

Dreamcatcher Jason Lee posterDreamcatcher harkens back to the early years of Stephen King film adaptations. I’m talking the IT’s and Christine’s of the world. Where tone is something that can be played with and manipulated at will. Where there is a strong possibility anything and everything could be used for scares. If you thought a possessed Plymouth Fury was terrifying, than Dreamcatcher’s “Shit Weasels” will stop your heart. Anally gestated aliens, mentally handicapped ET saviors, Donnie Whalberg playing a character that isn’t a disgruntled cop! This horror movie may in fact have it all.Sorry... but this made me laugh

Explaining Dreamcatcher’s plot is somewhat of an exercise, and I really don’t want to spoil the insanity of this story anyway so I will refrain. I will say it never hesitates to skip right over “weird,” push through “bizarre,” and run headfirst into WTF territory. I mean, Tom Sizemore plays a good-guy and Morgan Freeman is the film’s antagonist! Need I say more?

The performances are all pretty great, especially Band of Brothers alumni Damian Lewis, and Underdog himself Jason Lee. The scenes that these two actors share specifically are a blast and probably the strongest moments in this film. Freeman seems to be having some fun, never really taking his role (or his eyebrows) seriously, and I dare say Sizemore is as calm and levelheaded as I have ever seen him.

I really enjoyed this film. Although it doesn’t reach the horror-highs that King’s perfect film The Mist did, it is more than worth your time. I will post the trailer down below, but I suggest anyone that may be interested just jump in headfirst and watch Dreamcatcher without any spoilers. If you need further convincing I will say it again then… SHIT WEASELS! If you watch it, or have already seen it then let me know what you thought.

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