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#102. Darkon - Review 

Darkon film banner / poster

This is more of a glimpse than a documentary. Chronicling the many adventures of the players in the Darkon Wargaming Club, these would be warriors dabble in a little exercise called LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). Although the premise is interesting, the directors never fully dive into the psyche of the men and women dressed-up like knights and squires. Which is unfortunate considering the how (some might say delusional) invested the members of Darkon seem. Single mothers, investment bankers, teenagers, un-employed, and even grandparents leave the real world at home, pick up their Styrofoam swords and armor, and excitedly meet for battle.  The “why” is interesting but remains unexamined. Perhaps the directors were unable to ask pressing questions because they were too busy suppressing their sneers and giggles? Maybe; but either way this burgeoning hobby isn’t going anywhere, and hopefully someone with more of an interest in sociology and less of an interest in laughing at nerds can take advantage of the ripe material offered in the world of LARPing. 

Darkon film

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