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#103. The Client - Review

The Client film posterUgh. I don’t even want to write about this film. Everything from the generic John Grisham plot to the horrendous accent employed by Tommy Lee Jones is stale and trite. The set-up is simple: When teenager Mark Sway (Brad Renfro) unwillingly holds a deathbed confessional for the attorney of a local mafia-family, the lawyer divulges the whereabouts of the corpse of a senator his client recently killed. Sway’s world falls apart in a clichéd melodramatic shit-storm when both sides of the law try to get a hold of the young witness for their own gain. Every aspect of this film is silly and banal, strife with over acting, plot-holes, and nothing even resembling engaging twists or action. There isn’t a single likable character in the entire film. Renfro’s protagonist is annoying and bothersome; constantly making stupid decisions that should be overtly obvious to anyone, even a child. Jones’ district attorney is given the same over-the-top personality that gave his Two-Face such lasting charm, and Susan Sarandon looks as bored throughout the film as I was.  What could have been a super slick crime thriller never amounts to more than what should be a TNT drama series starring Kyra Sedgewick and Joe Don Baker.

If you actually liked this hackneyed POS than please let me know why. Like always, leave any comments on the film that you may have, and PLEASE click the “share” button below and give others the chance to be part of the conversation.



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