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#116. Paul - Review

Paul will go down on my list of films that were almost great. Distracted by its own inspirations, this sci-fi drenched buddy road-trip comedy stars my favorite duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, as they drive around America in an old RV visiting famous UFO hotspots. Along the way they pick up a smartass hitchhiking alien voiced by Seth Rogen, and race to get their new friend to the location where his mothership (or whatever) can grab him and take him home. Along the way they are accompanied by a holly-rolling Christian played by Kristen Wiig, chased by the FBI, and of course, learn something about themselves. With a brilliant premise, Paul quickly trips over its own feet. Cramming as many film references as humanly possible into every frame, eventually the callbacks to E.T., Star Wars, Close Encounters, etc., were just distracting and took me out of the experience. Oh, and it wasn’t that funny. Regular Pegg/Frost director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) could have probably made a better film with the material offered; sadly Greg Mottola proves once again his strength is with characters. 

Agree? Or am I just an angry sci-fi troll? Let me know...

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