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#117. The Maiden Heist - Review

They may be old, but they can still commit felonies with the best of them! Actually a pretty cute story, The Maiden Heist is about three aging security guards at an art museum who must devise a plan to steal their favorite pieces of art before they are transferred to a different museum overseas.  It’s sweet, totally forgettable, and worth a look if you find grumpy old men humor as enjoyable as I do.  William H. Macy, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the only guy who seems dedicated to the film, which is a shame if you consider what Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau could have done with the material. I should also give credit to Marcia Gay Harden, who really invests herself in a thankless roll and is rewarded by easily stealing every scene she shares with the drooping Christopher Walken. This is a harmless, if not completely innocuous film that at best is good background noise. 

How can so much talent make such innocuous drivel? Let me know in the comments section! Oh yeah, and please click the "share" button below and link the site so ControllerUnplugged can get famous buy spinners!

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