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#118. Barry Munday - Review

I am pretty sure I could watch Patrick Wilson read the dollar menu at McDonald’s and I would be in rapture. Barry Munday is one of the few comedies on the actor’s resume, and although not a great film, after watching it I really hope Wilson takes on less dramatic roles in the future. When the womanizing Barry Munday loses his testicles due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, things are only made worse when he finds out that before the accident he may have impregnated a woman he doesn’t even remember having sex with. There is some originality hiding behind 30-years worth of comedic tropes and lazy set-ups, but all in all I really enjoyed this movie. Wilson is committed, and the story takes some unexpected turns that are both funny and sweet. There is a great supporting cast (Malcolm McDowell, Judy Greer, Chloe Sevigny, Christopher McDonald, Cybill Shepherd…) that is given very little to do on screen, and most of the B-plot with Wilson and Sevigny is fumbled and confusing. Check it out though, its on Watch Instantly so there is no reason not to. Let me know what you thought, and please click the “share” button below.

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