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#48. The Perfect Host - Review

The Perfect Host The Perfect Host gambles its entire premise on inspired casting. Take David Hyde Pierce, a well-known television star famous for playing the uppity Niles Crane on Frasier for many years, and have him play against type. In this case Pierce is called upon to play a man that is not at all what he seems. The plot is half the fun (the other of course is watching Pierce chew the scenery for a little bit), so I do not wish to delve into the particulars. Fans of Frasier will get a kick out of watching Dr. Crane play the big bad for a while, however the film’s twists and turns barely kept my interest until the very end, which is a mess. If The Perfect Host has been floating around on your queue for a time I would suggest giving it a shot; the flimsy whodunit plot may keep you on the hook if for no other reason than to find out how it ends.

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