#67. Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain - Quick Review
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 7:29PM
Brandon Roberts

Make Me Young film poster

Mitch Mccabe’s documentary Make Me Young: Youth Knows No Pain attempts to investigate America’s obsession with appearance, and the growing plastic surgery market that feeds on our insecurities. A grab bag of quirky characters and scalpel junkies, Make Me Young nearly succeeds at being both an entertaining and at the same time non-judgmental take on a touchy subject. Sadly, McCabe turns out to be her own worst enemy, devoting much of the film’s runtime to herself. While many documentarians are naturally charismatic enough to carry a film (Michael Moore comes to mind), McCabe is about as dull and charmless a lead you could find, and unfortunately made the experience more pain than gain. 

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